Violet P. Davies

Words make me feel fulfilled occasionally.

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Laundry Limbo
3 months ago
I found a lover in your laundry pile I couldn't tell if they were dirty or clean So I chucked them back in And did a little thinking I struggle with what not to do I realize I was all over you But it ...
Rhyming Unreasonably
3 months ago
No reason, no rhyme, no reason, no rhyme, I feel I’ve been floating for quite some time Let all be assured that I’m never too sad Though sometimes I think I might like to go mad Think not for a moment...
Orange Peeled
3 months ago
Alert, but with heavy eyelids The briefest of wars begins Pith under the fingernails Don’t let any juice escape Take it all off in one piece The clementine lies naked Conquered Pick the last scraps of...
4 months ago
You give so easily And I don't like to ask for things So leave it to me to breathe in deep And ask for something you can't give me My outsides are cold And my insides are warm But whenever I try to le...
Liquid Gold
4 months ago
The swing seat on the verandah The most demure kind of fun You swung by, hoping you could land her And found her poised to perfection Perched side saddle with a glimmer in her eye That said you could ...
Autumn Haiku
4 months ago
The turning begins And I start breathing faster October excites Pink trees! Pink trees! Pink! Ivy changes colour too! So much new to me Grass glows greener yet With a slick varnish of rain And pulsati...