Violet P. Davies

Words make me feel fulfilled occasionally.

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Black and White Hole
5 days ago
Hold me, hold me, hold me up I want to let it all out Eat my words, eat my story I don’t have to keep it swallowed if you’ll swallow it for me Pull me, pull me, pull me in I want to see you inside out...
A Reluctant Old Soul
6 days ago
Something something something something something something old soul Something something something something something old soul Something something something code for boring Something something code f...
The Ringing in My Ears
16 days ago
It’s in my ears And then it’s in the room Like headphones slipping out of the jack That shot of fear In the second and a half or so It takes to realize what has transpired And resolve it before judgem...
Christmas Island Haiku
a month ago
Rain, rain, go away I’m here but for a short while To bask in the sun Sugar works, sweet drinks I work more or less in the Kitchen, Slangevar Black swan and tui Teach me in this place of learning What...
Cape Palliser
a month ago
I took a quick step over the delta To take a closer look at the rocks The waves barely brushed them And my feet were dry And the Pacific roared on... There was a tugging underneath I don't know how I ...
Quarter Past a New Day
a month ago
As my personal witching hour approaches My early 4:48 psychosis My breath comes thick Not with memory exactly But more a reflexive dread And excitement A compulsion perhaps Sometimes I sing My song to...