Violet P. Davies

Words make me feel fulfilled occasionally.

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5 days ago
In July, flying high, a patchwork appears Bold chartreuse pieced with deeper green The canola's in flower, in its goldenrod hour And now you're home, to let it know it's been seen Inhale the blessed d...
Green and Gold Haiku
8 days ago
I've caught spring fever I sweat it out all alone Cursed travelers April is in my mistress' face, but May may not Flower readily Petite crocus groves Ye care not for my omens Simply sprout and be Hidi...
15 days ago
I said something real once. I said something real once, And people liked it. I said something real once, And people liked it, And that scares the shit out of me. I wrote because I was terrified Of eve...
I Wish I Could Grow Fonder
15 days ago
Nobody's strong because they want to be We only hold on because we have to And the ones who don't won't admit they're weak just by not hurting Here I stand, infirm but stiff Unbending just in case I b...
17 days ago
I fell to the ground But I felt no ground beneath me So I looked up at the stars But all I could find was a dead black sky And I swear to god that I am stone cold sober For my glass is never empty, bu...
The Something and the Happen
17 days ago
I am sitting useless The world is waiting And I am an island apart I am sitting useless Silent and still Listless, shifting hands And inside, I am screaming I am screaming I AM SCREAMING I am screamin...