Violet P. Davies

Words make me feel fulfilled occasionally.

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Toasted at High Tide
4 days ago
You are white sand and warm water And the tide is coming in The undertow is so gentle I won't even notice if I'm drowning See the light dancing in the blue and green It belies what's underneath, What'...
Bittersweet Beginning
4 days ago
Bitter end A dark omen? Or the dimly lit backdrop to a sweet beginning? Bittersweet beginning May nothing end bitterly by our trembling, fumbling, pressing, yearning hands The breeze blew yet lukewarm...
It's All in the Eyes
4 days ago
My maverick memory has marked Many sets of eyes Eyes I've missed for long enough that I only remember them as blue And oft resignedly forlorn Eyes like roasted chestnuts Warm and laughing until a flam...
2 months ago
A glowing ball of putty pulp Squelching around deep in your abdomen It flinches at the splash of alcohol Cased in skin, cloaked in black and blue When you want to hurt, and you take off your head You ...
Black and White Hole
2 months ago
Hold me, hold me, hold me up I want to let it all out Eat my words, eat my story I don’t have to keep it swallowed if you’ll swallow it for me Pull me, pull me, pull me in I want to see you inside out...
A Reluctant Old Soul
2 months ago
Something something something something something something old soul Something something something something something old soul Something something something code for boring Something something code f...