Violet P. Davies

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4 months ago
A commanding forte resounds From the open maw of the baby grand Yanking me back into the room From which I had departed In meandering contemplation of my place in the book The end of a chapter? No It ...
4 months ago
Pomegranate juice running down her chin Ebony eyelashes growing wet with tears Realizing She has been deceived Even as the bright, bittersweet tang Plies her ruby-stained tongue with confusion, as Had...
Late Night, Foggy Fever
4 months ago
The nerves in my feet are blood-hot And I don’t know why Behind my forehead everything is dead But the sky is crackling And I don’t want to go to sleep, Even though I can feel myself falling, falling,...
Shadow Self
4 months ago
I am ready to self-destruct I welcome it With open everything I want to bathe in ice cream And watch the sun rise at the end of long nights That I stayed awake through for no good reason I want to hid...
Not Everything
4 months ago
Got up early for class, and came straight back home Having left you between my sheets I had things to do, but I didn't want to So I lay there and watched you sleep You have freckles on your eyelids Yo...
Colour (Closer)
4 months ago
Dance, oh You know how Flow through my skin I will drink you, drink you in But not too full yet I don't know what I might get So I watch, here For in Eden there's no fear Oh........ Closer You see wha...