Violet P. Davies

Words make me feel fulfilled occasionally.

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a year ago
They said these were the days of our lives They promised us magic unending Every single glamour-loving silver screen Assures us of some kind of happy ending But I know they are wrong I've been told it...
On a Hazy Blue Evening
a year ago
There is a haze over the house And I sit quiet as a mouse Wanting to scream and cry Tired and scared to try There is a haze over my head And I burrow into my bed Wanting to taste champagne Frost the g...
a year ago
I am alone Who would have known? Looks like you're not Who would have thought? I'm not surprised Why am I still waiting Why am I still waiting for you She's a dunk in your coffee girl With a dunk in t...
Rose Quartz
a year ago
Tell me your worries, tell me your woes What do you think that I came here for? I am your shoulder, your rock, not your rose So tell me your woes If I can offer a little comfort Then who am I to deny ...
The Drapes of Wrath
a year ago
The rose-upholstered chair and the matching loveseat The dry and musty air, dust motes baking in the heat And the heavy eggplant curtains that came down in the aftermath I remember, you called them "T...