Violet P. Davies

Words make me feel fulfilled occasionally.

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The Something and the Happen
a month ago
I am sitting useless The world is waiting And I am an island apart I am sitting useless Silent and still Listless, shifting hands And inside, I am screaming I am screaming I AM SCREAMING I am screamin...
Disarmed, Unruffled, Enchanted
a month ago
Your disarming grin was the first thing to tell me I'd better stay armed Though I long to accept you as suave, sweet and straightforward, I can't let myself be charmed I'm not concerned with protectin...
a month ago
I am standing ankle deep in tepid water More comes pouring in from every crevice I see But it doesn't bother me I'm being flooded from the sewer Now it's waist high, and threatens to engulf me But I c...
Unwilling Benefaction
a month ago
You have never claimed to be a benefactor of my will But what does my will have to do with it anyway The grass that grows between these chess pieces is out of my control It's just there for you to smo...
The Long Room
a month ago
This is the longest room I have ever seen There has got to be Some way out No windows, no doors No secret passageways No hidden treasures to explore But the colours on the walls are bright and free An...
In Transit
2 months ago
The budding leaves look like they've already dried up outside my window The crocuses are glad that they don't have to push their way out through snow And as for me, I've locked myself up in this cozy ...