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Deborah Portillo16 hours ago
Phantom Embrace
I dreamed of you this morning. You slowly approached me and the closer you appeared, your arms raised in greeting with open arms, which turned to a hug of comfort. You didn't say a word, but you held ...
T. Eugene Williams17 hours ago
Shame on You
You built this foundation of love on lies. Shame on you for not being honest. Then you shame him for trying to operate in a cowardly way. Shame on you for telling those lies when you were getting high...
Lana Broussard19 hours ago
In July
In mid-July the heat reverberates makes the thought of comfort dull my footprints trail the thick blades of St. Augustine grass the smell of Confederate Jasmine heady and heavy Around the porch corner...
Morgan Sankofa19 hours ago
Who Needs This
The way we see each other Down weeping, shoulders slouching low, a vulture dripping its peak into breaking golden flesh. Our emotions parting like shredded pork. Our bodies the bread between meaty blo...
Lana Broussard21 hours ago
Deep Water
Who inhabits this lake? Let him come forth The Master of Sea Monsters and bad dreams The fortune teller of fathomless seas How trapped is he this watery spirit a decimated dreamer silenced by still wa...
Imani Tahira21 hours ago
Orange [I'm a Ni|ce Girl]
I'm shaking. After a long selah It comes like a thief in the night Frightened I lift my finger to touch the Bitter riff of swollen lips and smokened kisses I thought I was through with this Silenced… ...
Lana Broussard21 hours ago
Closer to Fall
Today is… sunlight streaming through cottage windows as a silver tabby long and lean reclines on the twisted colors of a braided rug in full sabertooth glory Underneath it all is a soft simmering the ...
Evelyn V.21 hours ago
Last writings of you
Entreaty to the Sea
When your grandmother decided for care and comfort and laid a string of pearls across an ocean it's open depths yawning the unknown a depth you could not follow So you said your prayers beneath cerule...