Domenica Curro

 "every action creates an equal and opposing reaction, that is the basic law of the universe"
l Am Sorry
2 months ago
I just don't know if I should be happy or sad when some people look at me and get bloody mad are they just so bad? is it because they lack what I have? is it since I clearly see their shame? I can't e...
I Stay Still
2 months ago
I was in front of a man he was my life and I saw the knight raising up his steel knife, his jaw tight, his blue eyes in disguise it felt it was all right l just needed to be nice ln the background of ...
Like a River
2 months ago
Can you still read me through this vapour too? and the false truth all I want is you I am a vessel of your youth and it really happens once in a blue moon like a flow in the veins inundates body and m...
2 months ago
how can I explain? that state of mind when in the chaos I can see the plain frame it is like a circle, swiveling around, merging to the other edge where love meets the rage same as living in a whirlpo...
Old Soul
3 months ago
I see life from a screen but is dusty, scratched is not even clean I can barely see I lost the interface between the world and me l have no courage to think no more trust on what I feel what is the pr...
My Hole
3 months ago
Scared, as if it was a threat feeling culpable again for being alert drained, to justify myself to feel different what if he sticks around? I don't want him to drag up what I dig down what if, instead...