Domenica Curro

 "every action creates an equal and opposing reaction, that is the basic law of the universe"
All We Know On Earth
2 months ago
the truth, so brutal It feels like a trial by fire, and mutual an arson with no fuel of the palace of illusion whose majesty retires dripping tears of justice while it extinguishes in the dust, a litt...
Pretty Girl
2 months ago
pretty girl, are you alone? why can't you find love and you still long for words to speak your sore soul it is surprising, kind of wrong to see you on your own why you don't get anything more and afte...
Give Me a Mask
5 months ago
I wanna know the truth so take your mask off I reckon you would choke you are no longer used you could catch back your soul you could feel nude and l can see the baby that l want to nurture you had to...
I Start Writing Again
5 months ago
Longing for words I grab that pen and tilt my head into the shade of my inner world which nobody knows since neither I do though be honest and I splurge into this innermost flogging urge and I binge s...
5 months ago
I feel raw like a baby new born eyes wide open my thoughts reach far and go back and forth as elastic strings they click back closer and closer to my awakening soul I am sure, I know I am not a wrong ...
Back to the Future
5 months ago
Back to the future I go drag my step far from the suddenly syndrome of people final show Entertaining The everyday world Bowing In tangling rows proving they're worth They're climbing high On a steel ...