Domenica Curro

 "every action creates an equal and opposing reaction, that is the basic law of the universe"
Give Me a Mask
a month ago
I wanna know the truth so take your mask off I reckon you would choke you are no longer used you could catch back your soul you could feel nude and l can see the baby that l want to nurture you had to...
I Start Writing Again
2 months ago
Longing for words I grab that pen and tilt my head into the shade of my inner world which nobody knows since neither I do though be honest and I splurge into this innermost flogging urge and I binge s...
2 months ago
I feel raw like a baby new born eyes wide open my thoughts reach far and go back and forth as elastic strings they click back closer and closer to my awakening soul I am sure, I know I am not a wrong ...
Back to the Future
2 months ago
Back to the future I go drag my step far from the suddenly syndrome of people final show Entertaining The everyday world Bowing In tangling rows proving they're worth They're climbing high On a steel ...
2 months ago
Love doesn't save you but makes life come true blue like the sea deep water, lost ship sailing away, feeling ok where is that captain I had been looking for ages? starting from a long time ago since t...
Like Steal
2 months ago
At night I lay in bed and there is like a bomb ticking in my head and I try to dismantle it with the power of faith with the light force of breath And believing in every God I know to revel what l am ...