Domenica Curro

 "every action creates an equal and opposing reaction, that is the basic law of the universe"
The Greatest Believer
23 days ago
I was the greatest believer the only thought of it makes me shiver faith and hope outreached the thickest shield of despair and sorrow and you were the bravest soldier laying me down in the field happ...
a month ago
My life is a theater and I offer my spectacle Through the caliber of your own lenses No illusions, no false pretenses sometimes the action is tense the scene is crude, soaked in suspense but I don't c...
Stolen Heart
a month ago
Going off the rails to release myself to pay my own bail I strain, try to refrain I think about it what does it entail? I can barely pray is this all fake and vain? no, it is not I can feel the answer...
a month ago
l can hear my rant I am tired to hunt l tried hard to shield my heart You had plucked it all out from the thickest armor and now I have no partner It feels as ages, I am stuck I used to be like a truc...