Domenica Curro

 "every action creates an equal and opposing reaction, that is the basic law of the universe"
Old Soul
6 months ago
I see life from a screen but is dusty, scratched is not even clean I can barely see I lost the interface between the world and me l have no courage to think no more trust on what I feel what is the pr...
My Hole
6 months ago
Scared, as if it was a threat feeling culpable again for being alert drained, to justify myself to feel different what if he sticks around? I don't want him to drag up what I dig down what if, instead...
6 months ago
A procession of dots black and white dots memories tied in knots words lost in my throat pictures of the true love the sweet arms I have lost love with no shape anymore love hiding so well leaving no ...
Black Swan
6 months ago
Like a swan in a lake am I asleep or am I awake? this shadow beneath is twisting like a snake I'm afraid it dislikes that I shake Is this dark side a part of myself? if I plunge I'll lost my breath it...
6 months ago
Please wave, push me hard, wash the strain away drain distrust on my way Put the struggle down, make it fade mold it with another clay And leave it plain and still, virgin again to dry nothing to dism...
Born Again
6 months ago
I want to be born again where there is no shame and I can be who I really am no one to blame no answers that cut you open like a rolling blade And I can be as a child allowed to beg for a hug because ...