Joshua Lino-da Costa

I've been writing for years. Not always great... but it means a lot to me

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The Street
3 months ago
The street looks the same As it did two years ago. But it is not the same. The leaves have left the trees As the water left the clouds And the whisper of the stories Are simply blown around. The child...
3 months ago
Discipline is not the compliance of rules, It is knowing when you can break them. Only you can tell what is right. The way no two trees grow in unison Does morals get shared to the exact letter. What ...
Brightest Day
3 months ago
Would you smile when I told a joke? Would you hurt when my heart broke? Would you run if I needed you help? Would you put me above yourself? Would you talk when I had no words? Would you fly higher th...
Boarding a Plane
3 months ago
I’d go running through any airport Just to hold your hand. I’d listen to every word you say Just to understand. I’d fly further than the next life Just to see your face And just to be your side I’d fl...
3 months ago
Every petal has a story, A story it wants to tell. Every flower has a value Too precious that to sell. From budding green it seeks to fight For sun and water and greatest height. Towering friends to r...
The Truth of Perfection (London Skyline)
3 months ago
What shall I seek if not perfection from a city that can teach me only this; That there is no such a thing as perfection. To glisten under sunlit rays, Sparkling and beauteous at every moment, Flowing...