Joshua Lino-da Costa

I've been writing for years. Not always great... but it means a lot to me

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8 days ago
I’ve got a pain in my back From where I got stabbed By an insolent creature That did nothing but nag Me about how great he was And who he was to be. When really there was not much To gloat about actua...
Welcome to Hell
8 days ago
Until death welcomes me Here I shall sit Crying in silence Listening to this shit; No idea what’s been said Not caring that much too Realising life’s much longer Than I had been given a clue. So dark ...
That Winter Playground
8 days ago
Our bodies will never forget the day When we were young and innocent. Where from sun to moon all day we’d play In that winter playground. Our brain remains that steady bench Where sense watches over a...
Open Plains
8 days ago
The open plains of freedom lay For all I know to run through The night too scared to threaten day. The picture may not be for all to see But for all to enjoy it is. For it was not only me Who lived in...
9 days ago
They come to see what is not there The light that passes from everywhere And in a line they seek to find The answer to all of human kind. But in vain their arms out to wonder To the shadows so far out...
A Tale of Two Lives
9 days ago
I love a tale of stories untold Of bodies forgotten through memories old. The hard working man with money for none Whilst the sloth up top spends money for fun. The sailor that seeks to travel the wav...