Joshua Lino-da Costa

I've been writing for years. Not always great... but it means a lot to me

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Who Needs Anyone
15 days ago
I don’t need anyone to make me smile When I have a TV and a bed, I don’t need anyone to hear my problems When they will take my credit. I don’t need anyone to scratch my back When I’ve got a tree to r...
Blame Game
15 days ago
I don’t know how I am feeling now All I know is that it feels good. I’m looking back now at where I once stood Head down, hiding under a damp hood Soaked by the rain; Just focusing on the pain Running...
Friends Together
15 days ago
I’ve walked that path and seen those sights Of pain and great despair. I’ve come through darkness to brightening lights With a journey I must prepare. I’ve heard and learned and gone and tried And at ...
Oh Paddy!
15 days ago
A man of short and hair on face Left his house one day And running late he seek to rush To hurry without delay. But day of rain it had turned out And wet the ground become. So in a puddle his legs rai...
True Heroes
15 days ago
Lie a low and do not worry Your name we shan’t forget For your bravery and loyalty be assured That I shall not let. They can keep their cape and powers For in you we have found True Heroes above the r...
Dreams of Terror
15 days ago
Wrapped in one’s own grief And blinded by your strife Shall nothing go unnoticed Until the middle of the night. Where light will come from pastures black And people of honour Will let their honour sla...