Joshua Lino-da Costa

I've been writing for years. Not always great... but it means a lot to me

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Unsound Minds
7 days ago
Joyful are the days Over which the sun does shine; Shocking our winter aches Happily waving away the memories Under which we suffer Agonisingly close to death. Listen carefully and you may hear Inside...
7 days ago
I sat gazing at a rose this morning Of form so divine. The leaf fell sensually over the rigid stem So fawningly winking at me Inviting me forward. So I sat and looked and gazed all day At the erotic f...
My Inspiration
7 days ago
I work and I work and I know not why To help greedy bastards As I help myself die. I keep on going until I no longer can And get replaced by another A more naive man They take and they take until I've...
7 days ago
Those that ask who he is Need not think it the hardest quiz Just look up at the golden sky And dream the dreams of night time lie Think the thoughts you fear to feel And deal the hand you were scared ...
7 days ago
I fell before the line But knew I had to finish. Although broken in several places My heart would not diminish. Although sound had escaped me And taste was nought but ash, A light brought me back home...
Tomorrow Never Come
8 days ago
Yesterday be forgotten. Tomorrow never come. As one by one we fall from grace. So elegantly we stood harmlessly in our domain One simple loving race. We took what you wanted not and give you what you ...