Joshua Lino-da Costa

I've been writing for years. Not always great... but it means a lot to me

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No Need to Say
2 months ago
There it is once again Whining in my ear Simply going on and on Non stop all long year Saying what there is to do Offering nothing back No kind words to come on through Just giving me the flack Funny ...
Your Mind
2 months ago
I do not know what the hell you are on about! When you complain I don’t listen to something you say! How can I do what you want me to do When you change your mind every bloody day! When I should have ...
2 months ago
If my life be lost today A leaf may duly fall As an unknown calling finds a way To make my final call. If this moment chooses to become Cry not and worry less. For regrets, I’ll have no more than none...
Honk and Tonk
2 months ago
At first, it was innocent, I did not see it coming The casual steps that passed The gentle pains start numbing. A weekly trip it started To become more than once As minutes turned to hours And hours t...
2 months ago
Lost in trouble when I woke up Remembering what I saw The world I see when eyes are closed The pictures my mind will draw. At one time I ride the raging waves Thinking I am one with the sea Only to fi...
2 months ago
Hear me And the words I need to say Silenced by the things I used to do. See me For what I can achieve The lives I can change by being me Feel me For the knowledge, I can depart To teach those who are...