Ayesha Javed

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My Friend, Dear Loving Friend
a year ago
As I see you now, as you are. I can only see darkness in your eyes, from afar. There are demons that you have to fight. You’ve sometimes found their words to be right. But from the eyes, the darkness ...
a year ago
Anything you say will be, and can be, held against you. So be sure not to slip up on general mistrust for them. Didn’t you see what happened last time. All the lies, the delusions, and mislead. What n...
Misery Loves Company
a year ago
Misery loves company, And maybe that’s why we became friends. She doesn’t call me her friend though. “We’re bullshit soulmates”, she says. I think that fits for two people so in tune. The moments when...
Sing to You, I Sing, a Little Lullaby
a year ago
Sing to you, I sing, a little lullaby. While I cradle your gentle existence in my arms. Sing to you, my baby, a little lullaby. Cradle you firm, to keep away from harm. Listen to the story mama has to...
Oh! Weary Child
a year ago
Oh! Weary child, I look upon you with hurt. I have walked around you in circles all your life, Wishing I could intervene and take away the pain. I have seen the waves come and go on your shore. They c...
A Letter to My Mother
a year ago
Oh, mother of mine, gentle, loving mother of mine. You brought me into this world, under your loving eyes. Nurtured my soul, body, and mind. Gave me love like none other, oh so divine! Sorry I lied wh...