Ayesha Javed

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a year ago
Looked at the stars of hope in her eyes, Little girl, don’t let this world take away your shine. Bright, wide-eyed, the little fool was. Said she believed in love and all that was pure. How weary is g...
Tick Tock, Goes the Clock
a year ago
Tick tock, goes the clock Tick tock! Tick tock. Herded in and out of spaces, we flock. Tick tock, goes the clock A machine, the system has turned us into Close your eyes, walk the pattern set for you ...
My Child, My Baby, Is Gone
a year ago
Kissed you on the forehead, just like every day. Little did I know, from me, they’ll take you away. Went about my usual waiting for you. Little did I know of the horrors, waiting too. Went to school, ...
Did You Hear?
a year ago
Did you hear about the girl who died? They say she was too young, when they tell the tale. Did you hear about the girl who died? They say none of it makes sense, the mess she left behind. Did you hear...
A Letter to My Son
a year ago
Hush! Little one, the winds, they’ll hear. Hush! little one, the winds, they conspire. When you are older and wiser, my words you will finally understand. So listen carefully now. Don’t let the rustli...
Breathe In, You Are yet Alive
a year ago
Breath ine, you are yet alive. Seems like a weary thought sometimes. How easy was that to hear when you were five. Hear you heart beating in steady rhymes. When, in a pool of despair, you dive. And it...