Ayesha Javed

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Look at the Galaxy We Created Around Us
a year ago
You and I, We are just like the day and night, Opposites in our light and darkness. You and I, We are just like the day and night, Most beautiful when we collide. Look at the galaxy we created around ...
They Were in Love
a year ago
They were in love. All wide eyed! A two-way mirror they saw their love through. Unclarity in its reflection, But the world truly saw, From the other side. Damned to be fools. Fools, to be damned. So l...
An Everlasting Moment
a year ago
In my written words, I find yours. “I need you,” you said. Then what changed? Was it me or you? Echoes! Echoes! Echoes! I stand now where our love used to be, within me. Empty! Echoes, only echoes! Th...
A Rendition of Sonnet 18
a year ago
“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more scorching with thine words not temperate. And like the rough winds, harsh and in constant flux, of may. Thine mood too also changing for a date. ...
Russian Roulette
a year ago
Catching eyes in the midst of the delusion. Fingers intertwined, smiles barely touching the lips. No one to look at in a crowd full of haze but you. No one to find my demons but you. The slow beautifu...
Ode to an Existentialist
a year ago
My past, present, and future. Twisted into the lines on my palm, hidden between the words I speak. Who am I? Who can I be? Where do I want to find myself? A new awakening, a new dawn. Yet so far it ca...