Andrew Arnett

Freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Lost Angels City
a year ago
Watching the televangelist on a Saturday morning: “Keys to success are found in the principals of Christ,” he says. most satanists, I’ve found, follow the principals of Christ but reject the person. m...
The Dead Air
a year ago
The dead air looms like the shoe of the world waiting to fall. the building creeks and bends and a baby squeals in some distant corner. a phone conversation has ended above my head. and then starts up...
Airport Revery
a year ago
I like to get to the airport early especially these days with all the paranoia that hovers over a place like that and the new automated ticket agents at the check-in counter. it's rather sterile for m...
a year ago
Gloomy parachutes descend upon the wasteland again. the sky is a damp gel crying. the clock has gone past midnight and that means there is hope maybe. there is laughter coming from the land of Buddhas...
Thank You
a year ago
It was a long wait. there was a hiatus. we had a formatting problem. is that correct? it certainly is. but that has been resolved. we are back on line. we are tapped into the code. we are receiving me...