Andrew Arnett

Freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Venice Beach
10 months ago
There are canals, like in Venice, in Venice Beach. did you know that? I did not know that. not until recently when, we took a drive over there. the canals are not far from Venice Beach, that beach wit...
Infinitely Small
10 months ago
It’s a materialistic world we live in and the prevailing philosophy is to expand out into greater levels of physicality and that is the measure of success: bigger house, cars, more furniture, hydropla...
Coffee Talk
10 months ago
I’m sitting here at the Drunken Cronuts coffee shop located on Kings Highway. it is midnight and I’m sucking back an Iced Macchiato, with an extra shot of espresso. people have their vices and mine is...
Hotel Jerome, Aspen
10 months ago
We walked through the lobby of the Hotel Jerome. a ram’s head was mounted on the wall. it stared at us as we made our way to the J-bar. a photo of Hunter from the cover of The Rum Diary hung over the ...
Muscle Beach
10 months ago
It is a human bazaar. a showcase for bizarre humans. the freaks. the shamans. the warlocks and hustlers on Venice Beach. it has always been this way, hasn’t it? we arrived at Venice Beach at noon. “Le...
Basement Dwellers
10 months ago
We had spent the day trudging through an abandoned ghost town, in the Rocky Mountains. but there were no ghosts to be found. nothing but the wind and the howling from that wind. empty log cabins sat o...