Andrew Arnett

Freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Where the Buffalo Roam
10 months ago
We arrived at Woody Creek Tavern in the late afternoon. Sophie and I sat at the bar. there was a large oil portrait of Hunter S. Thompson hanging on the wall. we ordered a round of tequila. an older c...
Mountain Men
10 months ago
The car wound through the Rocky Mountains. the view was devastating. a 1000 foot drop hung over the side of the road. mountain peaks scratched the clouds above. chasms opened up to the center of the e...
Slow Train
a year ago
Toxic factory spewing chain smoking ashes in your face. throw a wrench into the machine and see what happens. fun times in the field of land mines. it was another horrible wall in the face but with a ...
Comedy Is Hard
a year ago
I was working on my coffee at the coffee shop and three young ladies were sitting nearby and I overheard one of the ladies telling her friends about how her father knows Seinfeld (the comedian) as wel...
Mushroom Logic
a year ago
It’s not bad, the way of the mushroom. living low, below the radar, out of sight from the blistering sun. hanging out in the cool damp underbrush living large off the decaying and dead matter feeding ...
Nice Guy
a year ago
People don’t care for the nice guy. like the saying goes, nice guys finish last. they much prefer the butcher. and the dictator. or the murderer. these are the people who earn our respect. the nice gu...