Andrew Arnett

Freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY.

2 months ago
Social media belches the world as I drink a roast pot of dead rat coffee beans. the world is a burnt toast offering the mildew of a nowhere land for nowhere men and women drowning in a salt free seedl...
Opening Song
6 months ago
Couple of dogs sitting by my side. I’m in Fort Bragg on the edge of nowhere. this is the first poem of the year. the year is 2019. there is a low hum from a machine, there is the darkness outside. the...
Coffee and Donuts
9 months ago
Life is good in these waning days of the American Century. I'm at Coffee and Donuts on Ditmas and Coney Island Ave. sucking on an iced coffee and it's 97 degrees outside. hottest day of the year. I'm ...
Cipriani Wall Street
9 months ago
We march on command we pour wine at the signal give them the rolls hot we bring up the bloody appetizers and wait for them to feed then it’s clear plates hurry the bastards up there’s a deadline to me...
California Dreamin'
9 months ago
Here's a lively coffee shop. I'm at Stab Witches Coffee located on Brookhurst BLVD and Westminster Drive in Orange County. aside from the regular caffeine addicts, we also have here a fine assortment ...
10 months ago
Kellerman was on the high school wrestling team. as such, he was always working out some new wrestling move on us. one second you could be sitting there in his room playing Nintendo and the next, find...