Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice

I believe in fairy tales with a twist. 

I always thought you would be a success. It’s imbedded in you. Release it. Mark A. Valdez

It's nice when you read something that actually paints a picture in your mind, more than words. Roxie Tate

The Ring
a month ago
You came to me tonight to show me what you had found. And I think so often I have looked for it. I remember when you took it off. You cut it off actually. You cut it off during an argument about somet...
I Shall Overcome
a month ago
I close my eyes and try to remember our lives before all this pain. When life was much simpler, and you—not so vain. How does it feel to be the ruler of one? It gets lonely at the top they say. Who ga...
My Bleeding Heart
a month ago
Someone else has been touching you. I can trace her fingertips down your back. I can smell her in your clothes. In your hair. It's all around you. You can't shake her. You can't wash this one off. I s...
Dancing Alone in the Rain
a month ago
I guess I'm just tired of fighting for something that used to come so naturally. I'm tired of dancing alone in the rain. I'm tired of all the old cliches. I'm looking for something to freshen up my li...
You Can't
3 months ago
You can't live your life chasing someone that doesn't want to be found, you will always be lonely. You can't live life constantly trying to get someone's attention when they aren't even looking in you...
48 Tea Roses
4 months ago
It's a windy morning; hood pulled up, my hands keeping busy gathering bits of trash in my hoodie pockets. A brisk walk cutting across the local park. The only sound besides the music on my ear buds ar...