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17 & Pregnant
2 years ago
I have something to confess my friend you see. There’s this child breathing inside of me. She kicks with joy at the sound of Mickey Mouse. Don’t underestimate the eldest of the house. On snowy days yo...
Dandelion Cheeks
2 years ago
It lasts all through September. Not to mention enchanting flowers, that reflect a purple tinge, and help to declare the ripeness of the year. Then there are the forsaken dandelions, waving to those wh...
2 years ago
Sure, Be vegetarian. Be vegan. Save the animals, the wild pacific salmon. But remember that humans are a human’s worst nightmare. So wherever you go, whatever you eat, Put smiles on the faces of stran...
The E Word
2 years ago
Because that’s the way it works. When you’re searching for something you overlook, you overthink. You exhaust and end up finding nothing. You end up lost. When you’re not searching for something and w...
The Door
2 years ago
That’s the thing about people like us. We’ll move mountains for the people we care about. We’ll stay up late to put a smile on their face when they’re hurting. We’ll hold their hair back while they pu...
2 years ago
A storm, the rain, tender thoughts to swallow. I hear the wind howl as the teardrops follow. Each one uniquely crafted, a vital piece in the game. Alone they die unheeded, together they silence flames...