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Body Parts
10 months ago
I gave him my lips and he gave me his ears. They delivered jokes and small talk for him to hear. I gave him my hips and he gave me his broad shoulders. As we slow danced our pulsing hearts beat closer...
The Card
10 months ago
Let me be a birthday card so that I can touch your heart while you hold my hand. Let me be a card of confession whispering in your ear all the things I’m afraid to say. Let me be a Christmas greeting ...
a year ago
I could be your ointment and skate across the cuts you don’t need to make an appointment. I could be like the lip balm in your pocket and soothe your fractured skin. I could be the aloe vera singing y...
a year ago
Your smile gives me hope Your words give me power You’re there when I need a shoulder to cry on You are like a cherry blossom Beautiful, gentle, fearless. Staying strong against the wind. There is no ...
Damsel in a Dress
a year ago
Brick by brick she builds her castle. The cement was churned by tears of the past. It’s bulletproof. Layer upon layer of paint is applied. The cracks are covered. She forgets they exist. She built one...
Lozenge Love
a year ago
Trying to let go is a lot like eating a lozenge. The memories of the good times soothe my aching throat and pacify my heart. I try to hold on for as long as I can but I’m honestly no match for the ind...