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Never Truly Alone
a year ago
I'm never truly alone. Even emptiness can say it has a home Drilled into my brain without Anywhere else to go. Emptiness occupies the bedroom Within the walls of my mind. She stays up in bed unable to...
10:16 PM
a year ago
I've given up trying to fight with the universe And I'm now submitting to it but sulking as I do so Because in my art I don't want to immerse. It hurts. But between the universe and I, I guess one of ...
a year ago
When I speak English there is an occasional stutter Or two But oftentimes the words that pour from my mouth Like holy water flowing from a sculpture Can penetrate through your ears Like warm butter An...
Memory Lane
a year ago
I sit here in my room Staring at myself in the mirror With puffy eyes and red cheeks. In the past twenty minutes I've given myself a monologue About why I've been beating my mind over answering the do...
Fragments of Me Part 3
a year ago
If you think the reality which is handed to us does not contain magic; you are a fool. Dumb, stupid and blind can be used to describe you too. Though this reality can get tricky and sticky at times, a...
Fragments of Me Part 2
a year ago
One of the purest gifts is the one of unconditional support. Maybe it's because I desire the same, that I can project everything I've been taught. If you give me the chance to help you, about life I w...