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Eartha's Gospel
6 days ago
"A man comes into my life and you have to compromise? For what? For what? For what? A relationship is a relationship that has to be earned, Not to compromise for. I fall in love with myself, And I wan...
Boomer's Curse
9 days ago
This is all trash All fake. I've said it before, But this perception of life is much too like Snakes. People come up on you and present you with a smile Even when they're getting ready to attack But d...
Trips in My Mind in the AM (Ch. 2)
10 days ago
Prayer I glued my eyelids together this evening And though the creases looked stressed My third eye ironed out as I breathed in. This is how I begin my conversation with the universe, From her my bein...
11 days ago
A circle of half-familiar faces lay around me like a sky of blankets on a cold day. My hands talk alongside my mouth as my eyes jitter within my head - Trying desperately to align with my brain. Voice...
Trips in My Mind in the AM
14 days ago
(Foreword: These passages brew from moments where I wake during the night when my soul feels like it's been torn apart and nailed to the inside of a hot oven. They're raw and haven't been re-drafted a...
Craving Sugar
14 days ago
There's a sweet itch brewing inside you, One that tickles all the way From your gut to your lips. It starts off as a low rumble In your core And continues to expand Threatening to roar. This cunning l...