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Shattered Me
a month ago
Viewing myself as broken pieces shattered on the ground This past year I have had to pick each piece And glue it back together. Painfully picking up each piece with bloody hands And individually lathe...
For My River, for Giving Me Life
a month ago
The universe is always on our side. Even though she forces us to go through ups and downs Crying and shouting Until we feel calmer inside. I wonder how I can't move on And it hits me that I will alway...
A Second of Sadness, A Day of Warmth
a month ago
Liquid foundation I spread it across my face for a more solid mask To hide the foundations and bonds of my past In an attempt to remold the future. You, Don't read this with heavy eyes And sadness in ...
Trips in My Mind in the AM Ch.3
2 months ago
The words LITTLE BLACK SANDALS Are sewn into my cells. They bubble and froth within my blood And as a result Tears steam from my eyes As Sia's notes are thrown at me. I wonder why In the last 40 minut...
Eartha's Gospel
2 months ago
"A man comes into my life and you have to compromise? For what? For what? For what? A relationship is a relationship that has to be earned, Not to compromise for. I fall in love with myself, And I wan...
Boomer's Curse
2 months ago
This is all trash All fake. I've said it before, But this perception of life is much too like Snakes. People come up on you and present you with a smile Even when they're getting ready to attack But d...