Haley Vandyke

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The Battle
9 months ago
Something’s very wrong with me, Is it any wonder why? When I was just a little girl I had to watch my mother die. She was such a vibrant woman The way I want to be But the cancer came again And took h...
10 months ago
I'm not bulletproof yet but I'm gonna be. I have to rebuild after what you did to me. It's quite a long process it's not easy even a bit. But I'm doing this for me I can't afford to quit. There will c...
Lost Connection
10 months ago
There's a lost connection somewhere in my brain. The things that used to bring me joy, only bring me pain. This device has lost connection, please contact the support line, but the line was disconnect...
10 months ago
There's a hole inside my chest. Her name is Emptiness. She decided to take up residence, the day you up and left. No matter what I do, she will not go away. even though I tell her "you're not welcome,...
If I Had Known
10 months ago
If I had known six years ago, the things I know today, I'd have done things differently; avoided all the pain. Id go fishing with my papa, more often than I did, I'd say "I love you" a thousand times ...
10 months ago
I see dead people, they see me too. But that's a secret between me and you. Don't tell a soul Oh please don't say! they'll only try to lock me away! i'm not crazy, wait and see! We'll commune together...