Haley Vandyke

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7 months ago
I see dead people, they see me too. But that's a secret between me and you. Don't tell a soul Oh please don't say! they'll only try to lock me away! i'm not crazy, wait and see! We'll commune together...
7 months ago
I have a dirty secret, one of many, yes I know. But this one in particular, I haven't told a soul. I keep it locked inside my head, so no one sees the truth. Everyone would run away if they had the sl...
Loving You
7 months ago
Loving you was wrong. Loving you felt right. Loving you was hard. Loving you was real. Loving you was easy. Loving you was beautiful. Loving yo was complicated. Loving you made me lose myself. Loving ...
I'm a Vampire
7 months ago
I am a vampire. But it isn't what you think. I am a vampire because I cannot sleep. I don't bite other people's necks I don't need their blood to live. But my bed is comfy in the morning all I want is...
There's Something in the Water
7 months ago
There's a pond in the back of my home. The water looks like glass today and I am all alone. I stare silently at the still surface, a sensation of serenity spills over me. I cannot see the fish beneath...
The Game
7 months ago
I’m just the biggest failure, Always trying something new. But this time I will make it, Please, I swear it’s true. I know you don’t believe me, It’s the same old story to you. But something happened ...