Haley Vandyke

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7 months ago
Boys tease you when they like you. That's what they said to me. "but I don't like it" I replied. "I don't like that kind of thing." Boys will be boys they all exclaim. But that seems a bit unfair. gir...
The Game of Life
7 months ago
They say when life gives you lemons, you should make some lemonade. I say that is outdated, archaic, passé. If life gives me a lemon, I will grow a lemon tree. Maybe then I'll teach life not to mess w...
Demon Friends
7 months ago
I'm happy in the morning but when I go to bed, That's when all the demons start screaming in my head. There's one who's name is loneliness. She makes me toss and turn. She's done her job the very best...
7 months ago
Tell me why there are hypocrites. Why they defend one, but not another even though they know that in doing so they condemn another soul to desolation and despair. Tell me thy standards change because ...
Letter to B
7 months ago
I wrote you a letter But I never sent it. I never sent the letter Because I didn't think you'd read it. I didn't think you'd read it, because it seems you're never home. But I think that you are there...
7 months ago
You do not control me. I will not allow myself to be bound to you by the chain of memories that I cannot suppress. You are my prison and I will use my newfound freedom like an ax to sever the rope of ...