D.A. Baldwin

I am currently a student at a university, trying to find my way in life, while also trying to write a book. Lots of ideas bouncing in my head for potential articles, so we'll see how that goes. Cheers!

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New Age
5 months ago
Zenith of self-destruction Yes, that is the age we live in Xerox copies of the same problems, Waging battle anywhere they can. Vestiges of a once great land Usurped by bigotry and hatred Tearing away ...
Be a Man
5 months ago
What does it mean to truly be a man? The world claims to know the truth, be a man. Scornful eyes judging, the jury agrees you don’t have what it takes to be a man. Model humans, made of some lean plas...
5 months ago
He lays there in the wooden bed at the heart of the room frozen in the hands of time. Candle spotlights flicker overhead. His encasement is its own tiny island in a sea of somber hues, and beyond the ...