D.A. Baldwin

I am currently a student at a university, trying to find my way in life, while also trying to write a book. Lots of ideas bouncing in my head for potential articles, so we'll see how that goes. Cheers!

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2 months ago
Often he is seen as the harbinger of fear in the eyes of the people who see him - a solemn cloud, stalking the heavens above, his shadowed eyes always watching for a next meal to sate his ravenous hun...
2 months ago
somber god, a dismal fog surrounds him - his aura a wisp bathed in grey with flecks of aether just like his abode - home of the now timeless - memories carved from broken vases of flesh, spilled and o...
2 months ago
Umbratic visage, how she basks in her aerial throne with a queen’s vainglory - yet her pride is well-earned, for she is an artist among the unjudging clouds, her ebony feathers cascading to fleck the ...
2 months ago
Time’s breath runs down my neck as I build these wings out of pieces of my self - ripped from sinews, from veins - for my body is a garden, ripe with all I need. I dig in deep, scraping flesh from bon...
2 months ago
snowcapped majesty, how he cleaves through the wind with an icelike demeanor—stoic and proud, fearless - it isn’t hard to see why the eagle is the symbol of freedom, for who else but he, with his gaze...
New Age
9 months ago
Zenith of self-destruction Yes, that is the age we live in Xerox copies of the same problems, Waging battle anywhere they can. Vestiges of a once great land Usurped by bigotry and hatred Tearing away ...