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Shedding Ghosts

The Insane Prophet

Something troubled has been haunting these neurological pathways

I'm just not the same

with my phantom wings I embraced the cove

Through my architectural domain

I always knew the heights

where I catch the memories in the new horizon

awaken the flame where the sun melts the numbing agents back into pain

in the wake of nocturnal rays burning everything alive

within the reach of solar soaking in ideas and dreams

I call it home

found my place lost in the eye of the storm

hidden in the eye of every source

that shattered matter into oblivion

left a perfect picture in the limitless grains of timeless sands

while it washed away in the tide of the sea of forever felt ,

the birth of the new season at the coliseum of his mastery

unsure if the sun will rise again...

...the torture is laughing at the nerve in the brain

and it’s what I like

they’re in the walls again

the shadow caught a mind of its own in the night

leading myself back to a dark place

I can see a dying breath incarcerated when I’m alone

I think I’m already dead

I can feel it follow harboring death,

fled trying to escape from something in the air

that something like it never became self aware

sheds feelings of pain into my spirit when I feel its there

the hopeless drowning in more tears

more than the ocean could ever prepare

the justice isn’t there

loosing contact with karma

it became clear

I’m loosing my head

I need a way out of here

while they’re creeping over my shoulder

breathing down my neck

the chills of screaming comes from a reflection

and what I created was an enemy of energy

manifesting my memory

that is stuck in another realm awaiting something to set it free

that could only hurt me now

as time passes as it watches you sleep mindlessly

corrupting the mind of my every dream

a tragedy left behind

I’m in tune putting static in your cells

when it’s right there in the writing it held

in blood soaked letters on every room to fit the message

like a blank page

“I can’t control what I contain”

and last word drips and I thought it was all too late

stares through you with dead eyes

stares through your soul

you can feel it starting to show you the best part of the end of your life ....

look around there’s nothing but a closed room

and only you can fight for you

there’s no way out

must like the wounds

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Shedding Ghosts
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