Rowan Finley

Husband. Father. Musician. Artist. Writer. I hope that what I write will inspire others in the best of ways.

a day ago
I love when the spirit moves and gives words of encouragement to those who are in desperate need. Do proceed. We are a community of chosen ones who are supposed to love like no tomorrow, give sacrific...
Learning From Ants
9 days ago
I don’t know about you, but I have so much to learn from ants. They never stop moving. They never stop working. They never stop. I’m not saying that I should go, go, go all the time without resting. T...
9 days ago
You had it so good, then your pride would, be the thing that got in the way;what more do you have to say? Your tale is indeed sad,why did it end up this bad,falling so far from grace, deceiving the hu...
Come to the Water
9 days ago
Come to the water and you will never regret it, let it touch your skin and refresh your dry spirit! There is no fear in this place, only the purest grace! We are greater than friends and thicker than ...
Two Sides in the Matter
9 days ago
On one wing I am flighty On the other wing I am mighty On one wing I know truth On the other wing I doubt too On one wing I live freely On the other wing I am bound On one wing I am organized On the o...
If This Table Could Talk
11 days ago
"The banquet is ready, but where are all the guests?" "The King sure knows how to share a feast, but this food won't last forever." The servants went out and invited many people to come to the banquet...