Rowan Finley

Husband. Father. Musician. Artist. Writer. 

Something Great
13 hours ago
One, two, three... I want to be… Something great when I grow old, Then I'll be so bold, But can't I be great even right now? Does anyone really know how? Little people can have big ideas too. I think ...
Loving Tear
13 hours ago
Catch a raindrop and hold it close Don't let it fall anymore In the palm of your hand Not withdrawn Not slipping a w a y But growing bolder Into something greater It had tasted freedom When it left th...
Behind the Curtain
13 hours ago
You're not a miscellaneous conglomeration You're not a mechanical configuration You're not a hardwired computer You're not a soothsayer or a troubleshooter You're most certainly not a mistake You're n...
What We Never Said
14 hours ago
What we never said kept us awake through solemn nightsWhat we never said, it nearly killed us from the inside outWhat we never said broke us up in the midst of our fights What we never said made us so...
Friday: Game Night
15 hours ago
Game night!What a sight! Cards everywhere. Quick to dare. Board games around. Laughter, greatest sound. If life were like Candy Land,wouldn't that be grand? Or, if life were as easyas the game of Life...
"I Is A Crazy Chicken"
6 days ago
I looked down at my darling little girl one day, just waiting to hear the words she would say. "Are you my little princess?" I asked her. "No! I is a crazy chicken!" she exclaimed with wild eyes. What...