Kiefer Jackson

These words are my only escape

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Shedding Ghosts
19 days ago
Something troubled has been haunting these neurological pathways I'm just not the same with my phantom wings I embraced the cove Through my architectural domain I always knew the heights where I catch the memories in the new horizon awaken the flame where the sun melts the numbing agents back into pain in the wake of nocturnal rays burning everything alive within the reach of solar soaking in ideas and dreams I call it home found my place lost in the eye of the storm hidden in the eye of every s...
Sun Scape
2 months ago
i let the pendulum swing it doesn’t pay attention to things unseen Out the window you can find it where sun can reach i grew in the jungle among the weeds.. the infestation made it hard to breathe.. s...
Take the Dolla out of Wealth
2 months ago
Take the dolla out of wealth my thoughts paint the letters in the blood i was reborn sworn to the words suffering if nothings better but I blossom in the time of war I’ve tasted the wounds but I am th...
It’s in My Blood
2 months ago
It’s in my blood In the time of uprising We rise like wise kings writin in the blood of the people pumping through my veins a visionary leading our team to the peak new horizons creeped up into the stars from the young surface building the future of who we are in everything that i bring of what you can’t see arise up into the night sky just to shine for eternity till me and these northern lights both fade away into the same dream when I could have stayed awake felt it on the way back from hell d...
Mental Relations
2 months ago
I got the mind of the force lost in the eye of the storm hidden in the eye of a source and its like this... It’s times like these you wish you could catch breath or ask for help let me take you down t...
Beyond Miracles
2 months ago
Beyond miracles There’s always another way around but some things you gotta meet face to face and it brings you down crazy how we can be so overwhelmed and I’m facing the lord but I won’t forget what I’m playing for got that s as my chest we hide what we hide but you can’t escape what’s crawling under the skin locked up in what felt like a cage in a prison of all these flourishing thoughts that still are and were to resurrect I’m just rebuilding my name pain starts numbing till nothing is pumpin...