Word Smyth

I like to write. I never know where words will take me, or what discoveries I will make along the way. I've never shared my writing, it's very personal. Well, here is where I take the leap. 

Death in the Day
5 months ago
Awake before the sun, Frost upon the earth, Upon my skin, It's silent like a gun, The second before the trigger’s pulled, I'm alert to each motion, Searching for the threat in her skin, For every dang...
Loving You Through Me
9 months ago
What could it be, What could it be, To twine these twisting locks together, Run a cord between, Plugged into your mind, Riding behind your eyes when I fall to the magic that drags me between your thig...
Dark City Song
9 months ago
Streetlight lullabies, Curbside infatuation, Manifest lies, Murder scene manifesto, Cold steel and the damp pavement, Witness this lament, Another drunken revelry, Turned implosive situation, A moment...
Broken Self Illusion
9 months ago
Follow me down this frosted experience, Glittering pavement beneath a frozen sky, Here I am missing the sunlight again, I'm high again, It's not a choice today, It's a suicide survival mechanism, Dial...
Black Tar Martyr
a year ago
Cold, Steel, Spinning along the razor, Sending, Strips of sumptuous flesh, Sliding through the night, Blood welling through the pain, Red liquid velvet in the sky, Agony can only be, The master when w...
a year ago
Hello my love, How do you find this world, It's older than you, Slightly worn, Roughly used, But your eyes make it brand new, It's reborn every time, I call her Rain, So much beauty tucked into misery...