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Hello guys!  Nineteen. Chocolate Connoisseur. Cartoon enthusiast.

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7 months ago
You shine brighter than any sun You are what every girl dreams of When they think of falling in love I do not dare make a move on you I know that I will lose To those girl who actually deserve you The...
7 months ago
[CI] I’m confused [CI]why is it bad [CI]if it feels so good [CI]to be used [CI]to be needed is a feeling [CI]that we all cling to [CI]we feel as though [CI]our value is based on what we contribute [CI...
The Confessions of a Horrible Person
9 months ago
I Only. See The. Knife. Whoosh! I feel a cool breeze brush against my soul. As I stare at it everything surrounding me vanishes. I see nothing but that rusty needle point knife. Six. Feet. Away. Just ...
9 months ago
As I sit here waiting for it to say something, it doesn't . Some people think it's a violent killer, but it's not. It leaves me alone, it's pitch black. See nothing. Say nothing. Hear nothing. I hear ...