Victoria K

24 yr old woman. Writer of mental health experiences/feminism/poetry. Lover of coffee. Hater of single use plastic.

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6 months ago
I sat back & watched you As every door you’ve viciously prised open slams back on your finger tips I watch you sink to your heels every time a tiger wavering in its pounce Then fling yourself at it ag...
Army, Singular
a year ago
When the dawn arrives I wake, bleary eyed, questioning what today will bring Or dreading As I drag my tender body to the mirror To stare at the knots in my hair & food still in my teeth from 3 days pr...
Don't Ask Me What My Name Is
a year ago
Don't ask my what my name is It's not a wolf whistle slung over your back Or a wink from across the bar It's not a shallow bleat In dimly lit streets When I've finished my shift for the night I warn y...