Tony Martello

Tony Martello writes to transform the reader in under five minutes. He creates allegorical stories and poems that are designed to brighten up your day. He is a family man and surfer who loves to tell stories. He appreciates your tips!

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Her Misty Call
3 months ago
Where Have You Been? When you don't watch me I generate ground swells your way Pulsing waves like a young heartbeat Timed to pounce on your shores A steel pulse beating the earth's drum to the rhythm ...
Purple Poems
5 months ago
“Paula” With purpose, she folds her purple petals Not posing in the night Not playing with proper time But resting in the dark She has no fear of being plucked by any buck Foraging in the night Lightl...
6 months ago
Hello, I'm Neo and if you have found me you are near a gold mine of sweet treasure Aunt Jemima's call for breakfast Canada's symbol of life and the most popular hockey team A North American black bear...
Life Elixir
6 months ago
Chlorophyll your brain with a light transformation Into glucose A sugary delight That signals every leaf to open up And capture vibrational light To convert more energy into sugar A sweet sap for the ...
Jewels of Fortune
7 months ago
Light tears from your eyes fade down your cheeks This space close to my heart I carry every day Climb, climbing miles to reach your high fortress Come ride with me son She’s far out of reach Her dark ...
My Spirite
7 months ago
I love you because you give me espiritu I love you because you understand me through and through I love you because you keep it fresh and new I love you at night I love you during Spirite I love you s...