Spencer Barrett

A 28 year old Fine Arts graduate with a career in hospitality, Spencer is a hobbyist Author, Poet Streamer, GameDev, Artist and creator in many mediums, with a guilty spot for animated cinematic movies.

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The Wine
5 months ago
The wine doth beckon me near to imbibe And sate my all consuming thirst. N'ary A beast remain to ken my diatribe. I drowned them out with fey or fairy. Red and white spirits of frivolity Pour out, dan...
The Cold Embrace
5 months ago
I sit inside, under the sheet, in bed. The cold grasps the window with mighty hands, Tap, tap, tapping against the pane it said Softly, a gentle nod; it understands. It feels the pain that bites my so...
Lay Down My Demons
5 months ago
In this, the fast approaching year, I find Myself content. To be at peace within, Without a glimmer of malice. The kind Uplifting thoughts may yet blight out my sin. So my mortal coil shuffles on stil...
625 Days
a year ago
When the world doth fall will you remain? Fifteen thousand hours I spend waiting at rocky end; I wait and wait again Until at last you begin creating. You molded shape from none; coaxing with hands in...
As the Sun Hits My Sunflower
a year ago
Sunflower would you stay through rain and snow? Although the light may dim, I hope to keep You near my heart. Against my breast I know Your sun cannot so fade. Your roots run deep. And deeper still yo...
Call of the Capitalist
a year ago
I work, I sweat, I rage in the daily To struggle for only a crumb of worth. I go about my job simply gaily, So looking for purpose on this, my Earth. Hammer to sword and steel into the flame, Unceasin...