Savannah Aichem

I’m just trying to change the world one word at a time 

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Eternally Human
3 months ago
When dawn glides over the ocean, and first manages to kiss the shore. what will be the first thought on your mind? Your love, your passion, maybe quiet solitary self reflection? When the moon manages ...
Let's Chase Forever
3 months ago
When the Heaven's are sleeping, when the night is dark and cold, we will be awake chasing the light from the stars because that is who we are. We chase every adventure to the end of the world, you bre...
I'm Fine
5 months ago
"I'll be right back" I toss the comment over my shoulder, Pasting on the fake smile I've mastered. My breathing is shaky, my knees feel like Jell-O, but I keep moving, keep breathing, keep smiling. I ...
She Never Quit
a year ago
She didn't quit, when I wanted to. She didn't quit, after I screamed to leave me alone. She didn't quit, when I spent all my time away from home. She didn't quit, when the world started breaking her. ...