Yes, I'm One of Them
2 months ago
Yes, I'm different. I like boys and girls. But that's okay. We shouldn't be afraid to love, to be with someone who makes us happy, no matter what's between their legs. I never want anyone, anyone at a...
2 months ago
Every day, We shed thousands of cells. But sometimes, we shed in layers. Sometimes the layers Need to leave, In order for us to grow as Our own person. Sometimes those layers Don't want to leave. Some...
The Non-Perks of Living in a Small Town
3 months ago
We all know where everything is. Not by location. By senses. That little store that smells like stale cigarettes and always has a stray dog they feed outside. The park that everyone knows because of w...
To the Ex That Was Never Mine
3 months ago
Dear Sunshine, You were never mine. But you played me like you were. You held my hand. You held me when I cried. You made me laugh until I couldn't breathe. And you broke me. Three years of being the ...
Love and Hate
3 months ago
I've asked myself, What's it like to be in love? But then I remembered, I had been in love before. It wasn't what they said in the movies, and the books. It hurt. When she could look me in the eyes, a...
The End of the World
3 months ago
Everyone talks about how the world will end. An apocalypse. A return of a God. Hellfire and brimstone. But it's not what will happen. The world is already ending. People are looking in mirrors, and ha...