Ricky R.R.

Depressive realist and author of A Spoonful of Sadness, Ricky devotes most of his brain-space to his polyamorous relationships, personal fitness, and ability to find connections in the dark. Happiness to him is compersion and patience.

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I Pray to Myself 5 Minutes a Day
11 days ago
Mm, sometimes, I tell myself good things I struggle to believe or forget to keep in mind. Other times, I simply focus on my breathing and cycle through poses that center me. I've been doing it 5 minut...
Sometimes, My gOd Is Death
11 days ago
My gOd doesn't care about the color of my skin or how many days its been since I've washed it. My gOd doesn't care if I capitalize their name, and yes, their preferred pronoun is "they". My gOd is mor...