Reid Moore

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I am a Freelance Writer living in Riverside California who writes on a wide variety of topics including News, Politics, Popular Culture, Science, Music, Poetry and Art.

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Heaven on Earth by Tom Rose
5 days ago
Not so long ago, I stumbled on an astonishingly inspiring piece of verse attributed to Dr. William Purkey called "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" and wanted to turn it into a song. So I went about tryin...
Worst. Song. Ever?
5 days ago
Plan 9 From Outer Space Is the worst movie Ever Yet, Ed Wood Is loved by millions Because we all know That some art is so bad It's good Same thing goes For music Usually, We like songs made By talente...
How to Show C.L.A.S.S. on YouTube
a year ago
YouTube is a world Unto itself But, like any other world, It's best to Mind your manners And show a little C.L.A.S.S. How? Comment (Exercise your right to freedom of expression) Like (Or Dislike... If...
Bigfoot Comes Out: The Interview
a year ago
Bigfoot, Once the story of legend Has finally chosen To show his face To the world And, what he says Is that, Just like any guy He'd love to find a girl But, in this age Of uncertainty And, In these d...
Back To The Bleacher Seats
a year ago
Rocking rails of timeless speed still frozen in my mind Regaling tales of latest deed and the newest Yankee signed We bold and faithful travelers mocking, cold and hard Disdaining silver rings and fur...
Spreading a Butterfly's Wings
a year ago
I love Spreading a butterfly's wings The silky smoothness The delicate appearance So pleasing to the eye And, to the touch The dazzling variety Of color Of shape Of size And Of texture Makes me swoon ...