Paul Crocker

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2 years ago
Entering this place, I thought it would be vacant. Seeing as it's so derelict and ancient. Who would want to stay in a place of such disrepair? Yet, there's something heavy lingering within the air. I...
2 years ago
Every night's the same on the evening news. Humanity loses itself in hatred and so easily causes abuse. They'll come up with the most pathetic excuse. Guarenteeing that all parties involved lose. We n...
Echoing Plea
2 years ago
Terror is growing. Prisons everywhere are overflowing. We are always ever knowing. That the suffering keeps on going. Echoing plea. Always come back to me. Don’t you people listen? Don’t you want thos...
Cold Fire
2 years ago
Drowned in the thought of you and I together. Seems like unfortunate weather. To see it as fate. Would never compensate. Like a cold fire. It’s not really burning. For the love I’m yearning. Pondering...
Clouding My Mind
2 years ago
Eyes couldn’t see what you're doing here. Have to make the life of me so sincere. Going over the same pain. My eyes fill with the winter’s rain. You're clouding my mind. Never pausing to let me speak....
2 years ago
Each day comes around when I could do without the hesitation. A kiss that might as well mean less complication. Bodiless in these cramped conditions. A difference to the brokenhearted's vision. My hea...