Nicholas Goodman

Poet. Writer. Avid Tea enthusiast. Truth seeker. Love maker. Wondering what makes the world smile and how I can create that in words.

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Glow of Love
8 months ago
Your presence is tense and I sense a side of you that often hides Don't abide in this place of sorrow Please borrow some of my time and allow me to hold space for you to face your problem I will liste...
All I Need
8 months ago
All I need is love I don't need air or food No wonderous mood All I need is love I don't need sound or light Earthly delights that make me feel alright But I need love I don't want hands or feet Or to...
Alphabet Aerobics
8 months ago
Blackalicious has inspired me I answer anonymous afflictions with affection bleeding the beasts built on bedrocks of basic badness currently circulating corrupt conception with colorful creativity dur...
8 months ago
I often wonder if my path is a math equation for disaster I pine after connection and joy I hope others don't see it as a ploy to escape difficult work I choose to use the tools of meditation and lovi...
Problem Fixer
8 months ago
I consider myself a problem fixer A mixer of ideas and action Chemicals and compassion Love and space Ready to face what you consider to be wrong or unbalanced And I say stay steady in this place of d...
Trouble-free Reality
8 months ago
I was Trouble-free for a day Problems came and mistakes passed by but I was in a clear reality Where my weight was lifted gifted for a second, shifted from my normal perspective the average directive ...