Nicholas Goodman

Poet. Writer. Avid Tea enthusiast. Truth seeker. Love maker. Wondering what makes the world smile and how I can create that in words.

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The Silent Numb
7 days ago
The hum drum of the silent numb I sit and wait while I twiddle my thumbs Trying to widdle away at the imaginary glum And the time keeps ticking while I wonder what I'll become My want to understand se...
Love Is a Gift
7 days ago
Love is a gift that I can't accept And it's not that I wish to reject My goal in life is to connect But My heart has been hurt too intensely I am immensely saddened and what happened is in the past Bu...
Complex Conundrum
8 days ago
The complex conundrum of consciousness Where the tangled mess of tangible stress sets in When you begin to break down the barriers of knowledge thought to be true And reach a state more magical than y...
Dance with Demons
8 days ago
I know I dance with my demons for pleasure's sake But I pray that doesn't take away the magic man's marvelous moves I have abused myself in more ways than one The fun that begun with this wondrous run...
The Night We First Met
8 days ago
The night we first met, I instantly knew I would not stop thinking about you for at least a week At least Night time swimming and conversation brimming with purpose We discussed our distress with this...
I Still Dream
8 days ago
I still dream of days where the wind was just a feeling And the sun shone its light in sensation, not through contemplation Where the footsteps followed one other, playing this moving game Still, I ne...