Michael avant

Hello fellow creators. In short I'm nothing more than a very big fan of this art form we all love called Poetry. Playing with words and thoughts, bending and twisting ideas is all part of this therapeutic yet challenging past time. 

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a year ago
At the end of the tunnel you're the light I envision, Let's cut to the chase, dare to make the first Incision? Maneuvers sharp and cutting edge with The upmost precision, Fool's story tell tales of mi...
C.F.C (Cause For Concern)
a year ago
Brainstorming how to clear our Minds, Having No backbone will backfire, you should fear our Spines. Must we play chicken to find out what's the beef with Pork? How about we consider what we can stomac...
a year ago
The "Spared Lives" question my main motive, and I say, " It's because You couldn't stop me." Clumsy you, they ask why I fell, and I replied, " Why did you ever Drop me?" From others it stays hidden an...
a year ago
I can't remember what it felt like I can't remember when it felt right. I desperately entertain the illusion of what it could be, Mirrors constructed from lies,don't be amazed at what you Should see. ...
a year ago
The worlds in our hands, the contract written throughout Our palms, They nervously threatened us to change, who are we to remain Calm? Our theories seem a little more off base in these extra Innings, ...
Confidential Confidence
a year ago
We've tried to give you our all without revealing More, Fighting this losing battle in attempt to help it Resemble a more appealing score. Your zealous tone has become such an inviting Sound, Bossed a...