meka carter

Journaling life as I grow through what I go through. 

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2 months ago
You were my crowning conception last night Before I drifted into dreams Hours past midnight I lie awake Imagining life existed solely for you and me A realm where fantasies ultimately took shape Your ...
2 months ago
I don't want a lot from my days Just a little sunshine I can view from my bed And maybe a warm body to which I can turn Planting a good morning kiss on his forehead Before I depart the comfort of his ...
2 months ago
Down a country road, I discover the shore of a peaceful place The arm of a great lake where waves cleanse rocks I locate a spot, get lost in my thoughts, and presume they'll bathe me too As this year ...
3 months ago
Minutes after midnight I climb out of bed Finding comfort on my patio in the easy pose Legs crossed, hands stacked in my lap, palms facing the stars Eyes closed while trying to set my mind free Though...
3 months ago
Gradations of orange and blue, caught my eyes over blinding white beams of opposing headlights. I paused my schedule for a few minutes to stop and stare in awe of you. Because when I am unable to gree...
3 months ago
Strangely calm my spirit remains Knowing the heaviness of what I must relay I pray you mindfully receive my truth My gut knows you won’t take it well Lies you’ll proclaim as your grief swells Inevitab...