Max Messick

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Onward Ho!
a year ago
Beat as the brush on a windy day I drove on home, work not far enough away I took to the road, fast as I could go And the sun came out ‘the clouds, wouldn’t ‘ya know It had rained, and being the poem-...
Morning Wake
a year ago
Where dew meets leaf And chill meets bone Morning is where I call home Sun brings to touch The darkened dead This is where I lay my head Morning Where the dreams Come to lay to rest The morn As the sk...
Oh, Oxen
a year ago
Oh oxen, how you trod How you carry your cart Does the weight bother you more? Is the heaviness hard Is the weather your strain Or is it the drive in your core? Could you pull heavier More than three ...
A War
a year ago
Holy waters I walked along Holding in mind the celestial song A song of a war, unending till time Runs out of seconds to turn to rhyme The king of light lay, in his angels embraced Blue like the water...