Mario Castelli

Simply an aspiring writer that sees the world through a lens of both logic and abstraction, that enjoys thinking deeper and learning of things shrouded in mystery and advocating for the silent.

The Temptress and the Stolen Heart
2 months ago
He saw her every day, but never did she gaze his way, Though he knew she was forbidden, still, he refused to let those thoughts decay, From moment first was there a spark of light; Within eyes dark an...
Confessions of a Loner and His Broken Heart
3 months ago
I might be gone tomorrow, but I'm on my way tonight, Without you, I’m the wind blowing wild and free, Though, you once said you’ll follow me anywhere; Your eyes tell me you don’t even care, I know I c...
Do Not Leave Me!
7 months ago
Do not leave me, He used to say, But I always eventually fall away, The wind bellows and blows and scatters into disarray. I would tell him I needed the Spring, Otherwise, I'll lose my zing; You can s...
9 months ago
Beauty and pain that I see, strolling through brimstone the world constantly breathes, Tell me, the world that loves to hate, why is it that you blatantly block thy gates? Running blue as the tides an...
Nature of the Anxious
a year ago
Where in the world am I? I feel it, it’s there on my shoulder just sitting there keeping me company. Clinging to my thoughts so rich in its worry, darkness, and dismay. A being so minuscule in size, y...
Nature of the Restless
a year ago
I feel it. Stirring from its dark depths of nowhere seeking revenge from our ignorantly blissful dream of rest. A beast as slippery as Night herself, nocturnal in nature, creeping, waiting for its pre...