I embody the reality of a creative soul. 

Art is the embodiment of freedom and risk,

You don't have freedom without taking risks.

You don't have art without embodying freedom.

I Tell You These with Love for Art
3 months ago
“Don’t hate on people for following their dreams” I tell you this with the sparks of beauty For the ones you love The kindles of flames that encapsulates the true meaning of art “Never hate on artists...
Somber Silhouettes
9 months ago
I remember the day I met you. We spoke the life into nature. You created wisdom to the letters I didn't know. You spoke to me with beautiful creations. You spoke life into beautiful lines. You created...
Our Fate
a year ago
No doubt about the fate of our lives interlocking. Like the various rope that holds us together. You want to be mine and I want to be yours, But life is unfair. People’s life decisions leads us to des...
You Can't Construct Creativity
a year ago
The velocity of waking up at 6 in the morning. Taking my medication, chugging a quick red bull, while I smoked the same brand of cigarettes. Blaring the same song over in my head. Waiting to get picke...
a year ago
You’re just a shelter from, The world around me. You’re a lovely and warm. Filled with the things inside my mind. You’re a home in my heart. You’re the reality when the world is at war. You’re just th...