Lorenza Ornelaz

I am a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who loves to laugh! I write to escape the chaotic reality of this world.

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5 months ago
Silence in solitude, yet our eyes are speaking Shadows dance where candles burn Quiet thoughts are screaming but untold Quaint smiles can tell a story, oh how I love your lips You speak without speaki...
Part 2
5 months ago
Drunk on lust Sipping on fictitious love, you saved me As the darkness descended, you envelope my soul Devour my thoughts Send me into oblivion Latex and leather Lips that cling to flesh Unearthed fin...
I Am
5 months ago
I am the shadow on a wall designed by a flickering candle The lingering echo from a blood curdling scream, enhanced by a broken heart I am that savored untouched moment, before the sun kisses the hori...
Conversation with a Foolish Heart
6 months ago
STOP! I won't listen Not again The world can be so loud, and yet I can hear you so clearly Like poison in my veins, it hurts... My mind fogs with foolish thoughts, pushing reason aside Be Quiet!! I wi...
Phantom Poet
6 months ago
Invade this ominous wasteland, infect my mind with sorrow. Sere my thoughts of lavish hate and thrill me with a new mixture of words. Phantom poet Corrupt my mind Trail your profound vocals down my sp...
Have You?
6 months ago
Have you ever searched for love on a glowing screen? Blinded Have you ever sought for answers from a tombstone? Quiet Have you ever gotten lost only to be found? Distance Have you ever danced with dan...