Logan Solo

Life is a mirror and poetry is my reflection. 

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Good Mourning
10 months ago
I sit inside a modern tomb Beheld my kin, inside death's womb Reminding me how we're all doomed Alone inside a crowded room A coma had just brought me to As I saw the stares run through The disbelief ...
Templar Rain
10 months ago
“Why dost thou fret?” inquired the knight Behind his colored shield “Thy face is long, thy eyes as cold As this sword that I wield.” “I’m sad, sir knight.” I then replied My heart did weigh like stone...
Sometimes Goodbye
10 months ago
We’ve gone over all we can do, think or say But still, this does not dry the tears for today We’ve tried and we’ve lied; with our hope, fear, and pain But still, the sunshine of eyes became rain We’ve...
We Knew
10 months ago
Lullaby epitaphs whispered in tones Showing the impact of pilotless drones A phantasm promise of much better days Gave us our distorted error of ways The sky and the sea, both majestic and blue Have t...